Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Letter to My Brother 4 Years Later

Four years ago, I wrote you this letter to say that I love you and I love her and I love that you love her and she loves you. That was the gist. Little did I know, just a glimpse of your story would draw people in so quickly and consistently. 

Maybe it's the pictures, young love and rosy cheeks. Maybe it's idea of marriage and fresh beginnings. Or, maybe it's the hope of what could be in their own lives. 

By now, I'm sure you've figured out that marriage is tough. 

There are good days and bad days. Dynamite days and get-out-of-my-face days. There are days you just want to lay in bed, forget the tasks knocking down your door, and cuddle. And then there are days you think, "Do we have to fight about this again?

My plan for this letter was to tell you why it's worth it. Why the fight is always worth it. I was going to tell you that for every bad day there are 100 good days. 

I was going to tell you that the history you two are writing together will forever be irreplaceable and it's the thread that binds your heart and mind and soul together, tighter and more aligned with each passing year. 

But over the last 6 months, I've never been more proud to watch you grown into the man of God you've become. The love we saw way back then, has proven to be just the tip of the iceberg that is you. Your affection and devotion for this girl has been an absolute joy to watch. 

You lift her up. You adore her. You praise her and trust her. 
You know her inner battles and you soothe them with your presence. 
You hold her even when she thinks she wants to be alone and you comfort her when her world is crashing around her. 
You see her wounds and you do everything you can to heal them.
You take joy in her, knowing she's yours and you're one lucky son of a gun. 
You make sure she belly laughs by doing stupid dances in the kitchen.
You make sure her eyes sparkle by bringing her flowers.
You let her explore her passions and dreams and you are her #1 cheerleader for every race she decides to run. 

You're not perfect, but everything she deserves, you have worked to give her. 

I've never been more proud of you. You two are beating the odds. Your marriage is most definitely a beacon shining in the the darkest of nights. Keep fighting, keep loving, keep laughing, and have a kid or two soon eh?  #jk #butseriously

I love you,

- Julie
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