Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Best Blanket Buddy for Toddlers

Everyone has a childhood comfort they clung to for dear life. Until some grown up somewhere took it away. Mean. Does it really matter that it was falling apart? Or that you were 16 years old now. Hypothetically. 

For most of us it was a blankie or teddy.  

But what if, just what if your favorite teddy was your favorite blanket? I mean the hypothetical toddler you, of course. 

My sister in law is a genius and a seamstress phenom. For Baby Girl Mo's first birthday last year, she made her a blanket buddy. 

She squealed and clapped her hands. I squealed and grabbed my camera phone like that cat on youtube. 

Adorable right?! And she even embroidered her name on it. I can't handle. I may or may not have asked her to make me one. #guilty

The head is filled with plush fluff and the body is the softest minke fabric, perfect for any kiddo to cuddle up with. Her nose is embroidered and her eyes are shiny black beads. 

Trust me, the older nostalgic version of your child will thank you for giving them a little more than a ribbon trimmed blanket to remember their childhood by. ;) 

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