Monday, September 16, 2013

An Open Letter to Celebrities Without Makeup

I don't know why we, the general public, gravitate towards different variations of the headline, "Your Favorite Stars Without Makeup," and then precede to make mental remarks to ourselves about your dark circles, the moles we didn't know you had, or your thinning eyelashes.

I've always wondered how those headlines and photo blogs affect you. Or if you even read them at all.

What's it like seeing your face in an exposed state for the public to see?

What's it like being expected to dress up everyday and never really measuring up to our ever changing expectations?

What it's like being, well, the average woman taking her kids to school or grocery shopping or a coffee break?

From a simple girl living in a one bedroom apartment in West Hollywood, I know I feel the pressure to be skinny; to lose my baby weight as fast as possible; to never let my hair be frizzy or plain and to always be wearing mascara and lipgloss. And no one takes pictures of me or even knows my name.

But here's a little secret: despite the negative connotations the press tries to make us feel for you, we sigh with great relief when we see those photos. 

Our lifestyles may not be the same (or even close to similar), but our womanhood is. (Tweet that!) You might have more access to treatments and spas, but deep down, our fears are the same. Our dreams level out somewhere. Our families go through the same changing seasons and hardships as yours. 

We feel less alone when we see your dark circles, your postpartum baby chub and your crows feet, though it's all none of our business really.

So thank you, for not being perfect and we're sorry those paparazzi are such a pain in the a**.


An Unmade Girl Living in LA

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