Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Leadership Creates the Culture | Teen Girl Series

At Becoming Girls Conference, our leadership is the heartbeat of the conference. They create the culture that ignites the new generation of young women, because they were once a generation's young woman. 

They speak and lead from the passion of experience, good and bad; and I believe experience, covered with grace and the gospel of Jesus Christ, is the most effective and life changing form of leadership. 

So what kind of culture, atmosphere, momentum and growth are we trying to create in our sphere of the world?

A SWEET one.

Safety - This is the primary goal with Becoming Girls Conferences. We are one piece of a very large  puzzle in these girls lives. We are not their solution. We are the starting point for some and pushing point for others. We want them to bring their baggage, their relationships, their mess ups and the darkest secrets. If they can’t leave them with us, a community based on grace, where will they leave them? 

Witty - I’m a church girl, born and raised in the church and though I love it with everything in me, I think, as a whole, we can do better. There is a big culture of “scarcity” in the American Churches today. "We can’t afford that or that’s too controversial." There is a major tendency to be extreme on issues that damage and neutral on the ones that will actually do damage. I believe the Church is filled with talented, smart, and creative men and women who can do better. We want Becoming Girls Conferences to be as close to the creative, controversial, culturally pin-pointed edge as possible, without falling over it. 

Expectancy - We want girls to come with questions to be answered, fears to be broken through, chains to be released and to leave our conferences feeling cared for, respected, freed, loved and empowered. Our leadership does that by boldness in prayer. We recognize that without the movement, power and favor of God, Becoming Girls Conferences are 2 days of pretty chaos. Therefore, my team prays for four specific things from God for our weekends: 1) Purpose, that our plans would align with God's 2) Passion, that we would be filled with a divine love for the next generation 3) Providence, for both spiritual and physical needs and 4) Protection, from the enemy who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. We expect great things at Becoming because we know we serve a great God who loves His girls. 

Emotion - We want girls to see their emotions as a gift from God. The woman emotion bank is vastly different from a man’s. Women are awakened in their emotional responses and I think our culture has tampered with its sacredness. At Becoming Girls Conferences, we want older women teaching the younger women how to begin to channel and freely see their emotions as a unique trait instead of a inhibiting feature. 

Truth - Teaching, singing, speaking, writing, photographing (etc) truths of God’s word, in a relevant and reverent way. In American society, we are failing to communicate to our youth the relevance that Scripture plays in their lives and the reverence we have for it. Our speakers will always be agreed upon by the team, unanimously, along with the year's theme and direction. We will always portray truth by the light of the Bible and the power of the Holy Spirit. We want them to know Love. 

Everyone contributes to some sort of culture shift around them, what are you contributing?

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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