Tuesday, January 15, 2013

For Better or Worse | A Vow with My Online Community

In an age of online relationships, there has been no greater opportunity to escape reality

I recently met a woman who has been here, reading my blog, for some time now. She was adorable and a tad shy when she told me she's been following our story and praying for us along the way. I hugged her like I'd known her for years, because I kind of had. We chit chatted about various topics, talked about BabyMo, and before departing she let these words escape, "I'm so glad I met you, I kind of feel like you're famous."

Let me first clear the air and say, No way am I even close to fame. And that has never been my intention.

But I knew what she was saying. She was saying, I was someone she read about, watched go through a little bit of life and now finally got to see is a real life breathing person. 

There are many tempting of facades the online world presents us with. We create our spaces to be filled with wonder, beauty, questions, and joy. But, in that pursuit, we can lose the reality of what is actually happening in our everyday lives.

We can, unintentionally, paint a picture of faith that doesn't really exist for us. 
We can, unintentionally, color in the lines that are always moving for us. 
We can, unintentionally, become the expert or guru of something we quickly realize is un-masterable. 
We can, unintentionally, become someone we are not. 

After that day, I started editing my posts differently, paying a little more attention to the reality of it all. Am I really feeling that way? Did that really happen that way? Am I appearing to have it all together when I don't? Does my faith look bigger online that it is in person? 

I've always said it here and I'll say it again, The Girl That Sings is NOT a place for you to glean massive amounts of wisdom. It IS a place where I want you to be able to read and say, "Oh, her too??!!" For better or worse. 

I hope the girl and life I portray here makes you do just that, because we need each other. I need your real life drama and some of you might need mine. 

Even if just to remind each other how much God's grace plays into our everyday lives. 

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