Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mystery Of Love | Shoreline Music

This song was written weeks before we live recorded this album. Chris Sligh walked into work one day and said, Guys, we have another song to add to the list.

WTH! Was what was probably going through the majority of our minds because we'd already recorded, demo'd, set up and re-setup everything one needs for recording day. Adding another song to our already full album set list seemed ludicrous. (And I'm not talking trash on the rapper.) 

He sat down at the grand piano in our worship suite, played through this song and almost instantly we all fell in love with it. Not just for the practicality of it, singable, accessible, phenomenal message, and catchy melodies. 

We fell in love with the spirit of this song. We knew this is exactly what our church needed in this season. 

The night of live recording, the entire band left stage while Skip Downey played on that same exact grand piano and led a room full of worshippers into a last minute song they'd never heard before. 

And they sang. They sang at the tops of their lungs. For us, that's a miracle straight from the Lord Himself. It's like He prepped them, before they ever walked through those doors, to sing along with words and melodies their hearts had been yearning for all week. 

Another piece of heaven fell upon our corner of the world that night and we hope you're as blessed by the song as we are. 

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Song: Mystery of Love
Band: Shoreline Music
Worship Leader: Skip Downey
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