Saturday, March 29, 2014

10 Notable Blogs to Read | I Get Around

I'm not a heavy reader. I get bored when I read for too long. #confession But I love scanning blogs and more often than not I get caught up in someone's faith journey, album/book release party, dress mishap or marriage lessons. I share a lot of articles via Facebook, but for the sake of my own recollection, I'd thought I'd start summing up notable blogs here.


  • In Which You Are a Beloved Warrior, was the most amazing way to start out my week. Guy or gal, it's worth a read. (Sarah Bessey)
  • Yes, the protagonist of any decent story must want something, and want it bad enough to walk through fire, but she is not expected to plow through obstacles on her own. The Meaning of a Mentor. (Darling Mag)


  • Kari Jobe has a new worship album and you should get it. 
  • Mutemath is one of Ty's favorite bands, and Mutemath's band wives are pretty cool. Laura has rad style and seems like a sweety. Stacy, well, she's Sucre. And I love her. 


  • I hope I will be the kind of mom who ask for forgiveness. If I ever hear the words, I Forgive You Mom, from my sweet girl, I will sob. (Natalie Falls)
  • Motherhood is awesome. And hilarious. Thank you Scary Mommy for saying the things that make the rest of us blush and giggle and raise our hands in an "Amen!" (Scary Mommy)


  • And Then I Stopped Talking to My Husband, an article filled with so much truth I stared at my screen for minutes to let it soak in. (Laura Tremaine)
  • In Lasting Love, the first sentence is, "I am selfish. and used to be entitled, and just overall immature." Dude, me too. (Casey Wiegand)
  • Conscious Uncoupling of the Martins. My heart broke and so did my non-star-struck husband's. But really, it's none of our business. (Gwyneth Paltrow)

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