Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My First Day as a Pastor's Wife

This is a funny story.

Almost a year ago, I married my brilliantly talented husband. He is a musician. He loves music. He dreams music. He breathes music. Even in a crowded restaurant, where we are yelling across the table just to speak loud enough for the other to hear, you can count on one thing: Tyson knows what song is playing in the background and is analyzing the guitar lead. Honest.
He’ll ask me, “babe what song is playing right now?” And my frequent reply is, “Song? You can hear a song? I can’t hear anything!” To which he’ll rattle off the band name, era, and how he feels about the guitar line. :)

So naturally, when I met him, he was a musician that just happened to be a worship leader. And a good one at that.

However, prior to our meeting, my dear husband was a youth pastor. He worked with Jr. High students at his church down in San Marcos, CA. He loved it. I mean he LOVED it. And he was good at it too. The kids who went through his group still remember all the crazy things he did, the funny stories, the principles he taught them, and that he was a big spiritual influence in their lives. And most of them still call him and come up to visit us.

Then there’s me. I always knew I wanted to marry someone in ministry, but there was one type of pastor I never even considered. In fact, I went out of my way to Not consider it. A youth pastor. Seriously. I thought [past tense ;) ] they were irresponsible, flighty, goofy, and way immature (no offense to all youth pastors). They turned into the kids they taught. So when I heard that Ty used to be a youth pastor, I told him, “I’m glad I didnt know you back then.” Rude right? Very.

Anyways, so now that we are coming up on our year anniversary, the marriage beautifully solidifying, God decided to bait and switch me. A couple months ago, Ty was presented with an amazing opportunity to study and lead under the ministry of our High School pastor (now exec. over Student Ministries), Steve Salomon. Amazing guy with an amazing passion for God. He has been Ty’s mentor and his friend. His faith in my husband makes me fall in love with Tyson all over again. Every one of the God given gifts, characteristics, and talents [my man can teach the Word!] that Steve has affirmed in Ty, I already knew, but to see another great man of faith encouraging him, bragging on him, and putting complete confidence in him makes my heart just want to jump out of my skin.

So even though Jr. High ministry can now hang its hat on my wall of “Things I Never Thought I’d Do”, I am more than ecstatic to be doing this with my husband. His passion for those kids has for sure spilled out and over onto me and I know that I will love them like he does. They love him. They respect him. He loves them. He teaches them. He respects them.

I married a worship leader, but today I am happy to tell the world, I am now a Youth Pastor’s wife. I’m so proud of you honey baby.

Bring on the crazy!

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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