Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Like dark toffee chocolate, or Starbuck’s Pike Place roast with a hint of cinnamon, bittersweet is the perfect word for my current state of being. It is a phenomenon to be hurting after the loss of something so precious and valuable, yet rejoicing at the same exact time for miracles you see God bringing to pass. With an aching body and a smiling face, I never know which emotion to live in at the moment. But it is in times like these when God ever so gently reminds me that it is going to be OK.
Before I began writing, I read Psalm 143, and verse 5 says this:
“I remember the days of old; I meditate on all that you have done; I ponder the
work of your hands.”
I looked up into the black night sky and saw the stars in a new and fresh way. Tears plague my eyes as I realize, once again, that the Creator of the universe is orchestrating the song of my life. A breath taking symphony. And the most amazing part about it is that it is not just MY personal size song, it is THE song. The song of life, of the world, of the universe. We are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves and when we comprehend that we will begin to see things, people, problems, pain, joys, celebrations, in a whole new light.
So my friends, be excited and full of joy, even in those bittersweet moments of life.

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