What You Can Do About Sex-Trafficking

My Refuge House - International

Get educated | A home, located in Cebu, Philippines, provides holistic care intended to enable the trafficking survivors educationally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally to stand on their own again.

Tell People | Raising awareness is the second best action one can take in abolishing human sex trafficking. People, like yourself, will know and take action, resulting in the inability for this industry to survive. You can do this in person, Facebook or Twitter.

Get Involved | Are you a Facebook-er or Tweet-er? Are you a passionate person? Do you have a platform (online or offline) where people will listen? Does your company give charity donations every year? Are you a leader who likes to start things? Does your family forsake Christmas gifts to give to those in need? Did you find $10 in your couch yesterday? Can you write, talk, call, give, run, raise? Then there is a place for you on the Love 146 team.

Find Them | On Facebook and Twitter

Movies Exposing Sex Trafficking 
*Please know some of these films have graphic content. Ty and I have personally watched all the recommended movies below. 

> Flowers of War (Christian Bale) Film
> The Whistle Blower (Rachel Weisz) Film

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