Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Women and Worship | Are You One of Them?

I've had this nagging and urgent "something" inside me for the past year. I can't tell what it is yet or what I'm supposed to do with it, but it rears it's head whenever the topics of Women + Worship + Church + Influence come up.

I love what is happening in worship departments across this continent. Fresh worship, old worship revived, songs written for specific communities, and the growing partnership between men and women.

But I believe we can do more. I believe there are churches who have yet to maximize the full potential of their people, their leaders. And a lot of those undiscovered with potential are women.

I AM NOT a feminist. I do not think women should rule the world or the Church...(though they probably could ;)

I AM, however, a believer of women co-leading the Church, alongside men. But we'll get to more on that later. 

I have some very strong, and maybe naive, views on how these all, if interconnected, can change worlds of church and culture. But I just don't know yet.

Which is why I need you.

I know a lot of you are women.
I know a lot of you attend or have attended a church at some point in your life.
I know a lot of you like music.
I know a lot of you like to sing.

But I also know the small amount of you who are all these thing combined, actually use your voice in any public setting, let alone church.

So what I want to know is...well, everything. 
(Do you lead worship? Do you not lead worship? Why or why not? Do you want to lead worship? What do you want to see happen in your church? Are there background vocals on your team? How does that process work...I seriously want to know everything.)

I want to meet you :) Have coffee (if you're local), talk on the phone, email back and forth, and really delve into the hows and whys of women in worship.

This is my plea:
Will you contact me so we can chat? Shoot me a quick message and I'll do the rest :)

You can find me (preliminarily) the following ways >>>

EMAIL| juliannamorlet@gmail.com
FACEBOOK| Send me a private message

+ If you know a woman/girl who is involved in worship at your church, forward her this post and tell her to get in contact with me! 

This is going to be fun.

PS. Here's a quick poll if you have time.

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^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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