Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's not a Snake. It's a Rope.

I had to remind myself of this today.
It's not a {snake}. It's a {rope}. 

My counselor told me this when I had my Sophomore year emotional breakdown. I had no idea what he actually meant by it until I got married. I've been writing a lot about this concept in the book, but today I got to live it out. Once again.

You see, when we see through the lenses of our trauma, victimization, or circumstance we sometimes leave actual reality and enter a false reality. That is, the reality we create in our own minds via the trials, errors, and happestances of our lives. 

Here are some examples. If you were betrayed as a child, you are probably acting out that fear of a second betrayal in the relationships you currently have. I was betrayed by my biological father, a man who was supposed to love me and protect me. Therefore, when I got married I was always on edge, losing control of my wandering mind that made my husband out to be my enemy.

When it got out of control I remembered those {6} strangely comforting words.
He's not a snake. He's a rope.

He's not your enemy. 
He is your biggest ally.

He's not going anywhere.
He loves you & only you. More than anything.

He's not going to violate you.
You. Are. Safe.

I    am    safe.


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amanda kay said...

i love this.
it brings me comfort. <3

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